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F.W.P is an experienced paranormal investigation team based in Ft.Worth, TX.  We have been conducting investigations in Texas and surrounding states since 2007 and have helped many, many clients and families have a better understanding of the unexplainable events happening around them.  We are a respectable, professional, and honest investigative team. Our team consists of dedicated members who have a love and a passion for not only the advancement and improvement for the field of research, but to help anyone who may be experiencing paranormal activity.

With numerous cases and investigations under our belt, we invite you to look around at our evidence, watch our videos, listen to our audio, and of course, PLEASE contact us if you or anyone you know may be experiencing paranormal activity.  We are here to help and will see each and every case through until the family and or client is satisfied. We offer continued support after the investigation and treat each and every case as our number #1 priority in hopes of providing the most reliable, accurate and professional service available.

F.W.P conducts paranormal investiagations in commercial buildings and properties, private home residences, and hosts events at various venues throughout each year. We have conducted private investigations in some of the most well known and haunted locations in the country including The Stanley Hotel, The Linda Vista Hospital, Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Catfish Plantation, Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast, The Boneyard Haunted House, KBON 101.1, The Texas White House, and The Sons of Herman Hall in Dallas, TX to name a few.  We have lectured at local college's, paranormal conferences , educational seminars, and we have also been featured on a  National Cable TV Network. We are honoroed to be featured in a currently published book " A Catfish Tale ", to be affiliated with The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, NBC 5 News Ft.Worth, and to have been featured in the 2012 October issue of the " Inside Fort Worth " Magazine.  Be sure to join us at one of our events and give us the chance to meet you in person. Check out our schedule to see when and where F.W.P will be next!

                                                            We would like to say thank you for visitng the home of Fort Worth Paranormal!


Kevin Bryan
Founder F.W.P 2007

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